Terri is from Dayton, Ohio. She loves pen paling. She has been pen paling snail mail for over 20 years now and when she first got on the net she located all the pen pal sites she could find. She works as a MIS Project Leader for a billing company. The company she works for does billing for the School of Medicine at one of the local University. Terri loves playing tennis and belongs to a tennis club so she can play all year around. She also loves watching tennis on tv and in person when she can. Terri loves animals, she has a cocker spaniel and a pair of dalmatian's that allow her to live with them. Some of Terri's hobbies are gardening, walking, hiking, web page design, cooking, reading, collecting teddy bears, collecting rubber stampers and hot air balloons. Terri would love to own her own hot air balloon one day. In her teddy bear collection Terri collects Boyd, Steiffs, Russ, Gund and anything related to Winnie the Pooh. She also collects Cherised Teddies. Terri loves nature and spends as much time outside as possible. Her favorite time of the year is fall. She loves going to movies with friends. If you are interested in pen paling with Terri please send her some email by clicking on the letter at the bottom of the page. To learn more about Terri please return to her main page and check out some of her other links.

" More Picture's of Terri"

"Terri and her Blackie "

"Terri horse backriding in Alaska "

"Is that really Terri "

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